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Three Tips to Master a Difficult Music Passage

If a particular music passage is giving you trouble, here are several basic techniques to mastering it.

  • Reduce the tempo. Train your brain to make the right transitions in the right order; build a mental map of where your fingers need to go. Don’t be afraid to take long pauses while you are still learning a piece – you can always increase the tempo later.
  • Practice each hand separately. If one hand is having all the problems, then focus on that hand’s part for a while.
  • Try adding fingering and other markings in the trouble section. Often, if there are a lot of notes, you can increase your confidence and speed of mastery by visual indicators. Just like having a map can help you find the best path over rough terrain, so good fingering can help you confidently attack long passages. Once you have found the best fingering for you, repeat the trouble section slowly until you feel you’ve made progress. If you need to add other reminders (e.g., speed up or slow down, accent certain notes, or turn a page at a certain spot), write those instructions on the music as well. Learn more on the importance of fingering by reading this article

With simple and effective tools like these, you will soon find yourself playing with ease.
Happy music-making!