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Practice at the Table

There are times when we may not be able to physically practice our instrument. Say you’re on a trip or something, chances are you probably don’t have access to your instrument but you still need to practice. In these situations consider ̒Practicing at the Table.̓

Practicing at the table consists of three simple steps.

  • Step One: Think about what you’re playing. Now, I don’t mean think about it once and move on never thinking about it again. I mean really think about it. Think about where your fingers are supposed to be in relation to what’s on the page, think about how it’s supposed to sound when performed in a concert hall, and finally think about how it will sound when you pass it off to your teacher 😉
  • Step Two: Physically move your fingers as if you were practicing the real thing. Remember when you would play air guitar to your favorite song on the radio? Yeah, do something like that but play as if you were playing the real thing.
  • Step Three: Don’t fret it pun intended. Make the best of your situation until you do have access to your instrument.

Sometimes we really don’t have the opportunity to practice as we would like. Practicing at the table will help enable you to make the most of any time you do have especially when you’re not around your instrument.