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Changes are Coming

Peace of a Morning

You may have noticed that some changes are starting to take place on the website. Over the past 1.5 years I’ve not been as dedicated to the development of new content and maintenance of previously published content as i should have been. I wish to apologize for my lack of dedication, as well as make you aware of some of the changes that will be coming down the pipeline.


Now I can’t divulge all of the changes that are coming, seeing as that would spoil the many surprises that are in store, but I can say that in the coming weeks you can expect to see:


• A re-design of the website
• Weekly relevant blog posts
• A deep cleaning/update of all currently published site content
• More sheet music to download
• Some instructional videos that provide tips and tricks from musical professionals.


These and other changes will begin to appear on the site as we continue throughout 2016. If you come across something on the site that doesn’t seem right to you, please let me know by contacting me today.